Version  4.73

  • added: WordWrap property for TscPanel, TscGpPanel controls
  • fixed: problem with styled main menu in 10.4 Sydney (TscStyledForm component)
  • improved: ReadOnly property support in shell controls
  • added: some optimizations and improvements in code
  • updated: help

Version  4.72

  • added: Alignment property for TscCheckBox, TscRadioButton, TscGPCheckBox and TscGPRadioButton controls
  • improved: processing of OnClick event for tabs in all tab / page controls
  • improved: TscStyledForm component (VCL Styles support)
  • improved: drawing of styled menus
  • added: new demos specially for 10.4 Sydney

Version  4.71

  • added: StyleName property for all dialogs (per-control styling support for 10.4) - now you can set any style for dialogs
  • updated: GetPageIndex method now public  for all tab and page controls
  • improved: tab visiblity changing in all tab and page controls
  • added: support for DevExpress VCL v. 20.X (special adapter unit to use VCL Styles (for controls, which have LookAndFeel property))
  • improved: per-control styling support in some controls (for 10.4)

Version  4.70

  • added: support of RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney
  • added: support of new High-DPI VCL styles (new for 10.4)
  • added: support of per-control styling (new for 10.4)
  • added: StyleName for all controls (new for 10.4 (for per-control styling feature))
  • added: demos with new features for 10.4 Sydney
  • improved: High-DPI support in some controls
  • updated: help

Version  4.63

  • added: OnGetCellParams event for TscDBGrid, in which you can set background color, alphavalue for background color, font color for each cell
  • added: some optimizations and improvements in code
  • improved: edit controls with buttons
  • updated: some demos and help

Version  4.62

  • improved: Fluent UI Light effect on GP buttons and also now it can be clipped depending button shape (ellipse or rounded corners)
  • improved: behavior of GP Buttons with Fluent UI light effects, which have drop down menus and forms
  • added: Margin propertry for glyph options in TscGPFontGlyphButton control
  • updated: now OnMouseUp event on buttons, checkboxes executed after click event
  • added: new shape styles for GP buttons: LeftRightLine and TopBottomLine
  • updated: some demos

Version  4.61

  • added: MouseWheelSupport property  for TscSpinEdit and TscGPSpinEdit controls (now you can enable / disable it, instead of old behavior when it always enabled)
  • added: MouseWheelOpposite properyty for TscTrackBar, TscGPTrackBar controls( If True then increasing and decreasing of the value will be opposite from mouse wheel delta)
  • added: OnCustomDrawItemText for TscTreeView control  (now you can adjust text drawing for item, for example, set text color for it)
  • added: Navigation items for pages in component menu for TscPageViewer and TscGPPageViewer controls
  • improved: TscTimeEdit, TscGPTimeEdit controls
  • fixed: problem with using equal Accel char in buttons on different pages of multi-page controls
  • updated: help

Version  4.60

  • added: FluentLightEffect for TscGPButton, TscGPGlyphButton and TscGPCharGlyphButton controls (Fluent UI lighting effect with highlighted mouse movement and pressed animation)
  • added: new styles for TscGPButton, TscGPGlyphButton and TscGPCharGlyphButton controls (see Options.ShapeStyle property with new scgpLeftLineMargins, scgpRightLineMargins, scgpTopLineMargins, scgpBottomLineMargins values)
  • added:  new UsePressedHotColors property in Options for TscGPButton, TscGPGlyphButton and TscGPCharGlyphButton controls
  • updated: Fluent UI demos with new FluentLightEffect property and other new features for buttons
  • improved: TscExPanel control (fixed some bugs also)
  • improved: drawing of TscTreeView item with checkbox and image
  • added: MouseWheelSupport property for TscTrackBar, TscGPTrackBar (now you can enable / disable mouse wheel support)
  • added: some optimizations in code
  • updated: help

Version  4.55

  • improved: RTL support for TscDrawGrid, TscStringGrid and TscDBGrid controls
  • added: ContentMargin... properties for TscGPPanel control (as in TscGPLabel)
  • added: CustomDraw property for edit controls (use it to prevent drawing of any content in non-focused edit with OnDrawBackground event)
  • fixed: behavior of  TscDBToggleSwitch and TscGPDBToggleSwitch controls with ReadOnly data link
  • improved: behavior of the Fluent UI form
  • added: Fluent UI Pages demo 
  • improved: Fluent UI demos
  • updated: help

Version  4.54

  • added: TscStyledForm.FluentUIAcrylicColorInActiveOpaque property (opaque for inactive form with Fluent Acrylic Blur background as in native system windows
  • added: new Fluent UI demos with UI like MS Paint 3D 
  • improved: behavior of styled form (TscStyledForm component with VCL Styles)
  • improved: UWP-like form behavior ((TscStyledForm.DWMClientShadow = True)
  • added: some optimizations in code
  • updated: Fluent UI demos

Version  4.53

  • improved: drawing items with long text in TscGPListBox and TscGPComboBox controls
  • improved: behavior of all button controls, which has a dropdown menu 
  • improved: behavior of NC-button, which has a dropdown menu (TscStyledForm component)
  • improved: behavior of buttons in edit controls (LeftButton and RightButton with has a dropdown menu)
  • improved: TscPageViewer control
  • improved: TscGPSlider control
  • updated: Fluent UI demos and High-DPI demos

Version  4.52

  • added: peformance optimizations
  • fixed: DC leaks in some editor controls
  • improved: TscStyledForm component  (UWP-like form behavior ( TscStyledForm.DWMClientShadow = True))

Version  4.51

  • added: TscGPMeter90 control
  • added: support of TscGPButton.Spacing < 0 and TscGPButton.ImageMargin > 0 (now image and text can placed as in TscGPGlyphButton and TscGPCharGlyphButton controls)
  • updated: TscActivityIndicator - no size limitations now
  • updated: TscGPToggleSwitch.SwitchWidth now can has value < 40 and TscGPToggleSwitch.SwitchHeight now  can has value < 20
  • fixed: form behavior with Fluent UI Acrylic background on Windows 10 1903 Update
  • updated: all Fluent UI demos

Version  4.50

  • added: FluentUIBackground,  FluentUIAcrylicColor, FluentUIAcrylicColorAlpha, FluentUIBorer  properties to the TscStyledForm component  (use them  to adjust Windows 10 Fluent UI Blur background support)
  • added: DrawTextMode property for all TscGP... controls (set it to the scdtmGDIPlus on the Fluent UI Blur background)
  • added: FluentUIOpacity property to some controls, like TscPanel and TscGPPanel and other (use it to set opacity area on the form with Fluent UI background)
  • added: improvements and optimizations in the TscGP... controls
  • added: new FluentUI demo pack to show Windows 10 Fluent UI Blur background support
  • added: new demos to the High-DPI demo pack
  • updated hep

Version  4.41

  • added: HorzScrollDirection and VertScrollDirection properties for TscScrollPanel and TscGPScrollPanel (now scroll direction can be right to left and bottom to top also)
  • added: HorzRollButtonPosition property for TscExPanel control (position for roll button in horizontal caption)
  • added: ARightToLeft parameter in TscStyledForm.DropDown methods
  • added: TscStyleManager.RTLMode property (right to left for dialogs)
  • improved: RTL support in TscComboBoxEx control
  • improved: page controls
  • updated: help

Version  4.40

  • added: TscGPPanel.BackgroundStyle property 
  • added: TscAppPager.ItemsTopOffset property
  • added: OnDrawBackground event for all edit controls
  • added: properties for custom item background and text colors in  TscAdvancedListBox and TscGPListBox controls
  • added: DetailPosition and DetailWordWrap for items in TscAdvancedListBox, TscGPListBox, TscGPComboBox, TscAdvancedComboBox controls
  • added: a lot of small improvements and optimizations in code
  • improved: RTL support  in controls
  • updated: help

Version  4.31

  • added: public ClickDisabled property for TscCheckBox, TscRadioButton, TscGPCheckBox and TscGPRadioButton controls
  • added: DialogButtonColor, CaptionTextColor, SeparatorColor properties for TscGPGroupToolPanel control (custom adjustment)
  • added: DividerColor property for TscAppMenu color (custom adjustment)
  • added: PixelOffsetModeHighQuality and  InterpolationModeHighQuality property for item in TscGPImageCollection component
  • improved: all pager controls
  • improved: TscGPVirualImageList component
  • improved: TscGPScrollPanel and TscGPToolPager controls
  • added: new High-DPI CustomGPRibbon_Transparent demo with semi-transparent ribbon (TscGPToolPager control) with techno design idea

Version  4.30

  • updated: scDialogs unit was completely rewritten (now all message dialogs are fully scalable and use TscGPCharImage control for glyph, which can be adapted for VCL Style colors automatically)
  • added: TscStringGrid.OnGetCellParams event (now you can customize background and font for each cell)
  • added: ArrowDirection property for all button controls (direction of dropdown arrow and drop down menu)
  • added: additional properties for flexible adjustment arrow in TscGPButtonOptions property for TscGPButton, TscGPGlyphButton and TscGPCharGlyphButton controls
  • added: Badge property for TscGPButton, TscGPGlyphButton and TscGPCharGlyphButton controls
  • added: improvements in VCL Style hook classes
  • improved: TscStyledForm component
  • added: some small improvements and optimizations in code
  • updated: help and demos

Version  4.27

  • added: HidePromptTextIfFocused property for all edit controls
  • added: EnableValue and Values properties for TscDBComboBox, TscAdvancedDBComboBox and TscGPDBComboBox controls
  • added: some small improvements and optimizations in code
  • updated: help

Version  4.26

  • added: CanFocused property for TscToggleSwitch and TscGPToggleSwitch controls
  • added: ButtonClick method now is public in TscButton and TscGPButton controls
  • added: support of ReadOnly property for TscDBToggleSwitch and TscGPDBToggleSwitch controls
  • improved: TscGPListBox control
  • improved: scrolling in TscAdvancedListBox, TscHorzListBox controls
  • fixed: ReadOnly not works in TscDBCheckBox, TscGPDBCheckBox controls

Version  4.25

  • added: TscStyledForm.CaptionWallpapers, TscStyledForm.CaptionWallpaperIndex and other properties (see help) to add additional custom background for styled form caption (you can use it to add holiday background, for example)
  • added: big improvements to adjust and scale form border with PerMonitorV2 manifest in RAD Studio 10.3 Rio
  • fixed: some scale problems with PerMonitorV2 manifest in RAD Studio 10.3 Rio
  • improved: scaling of styled menus
  • updated: help
  • updated: recompiled High-DPI demos in  RAD Studio 10.3 Rio
  • updated: CtrlsDemo in High-DPI demos (added holiday background demo for form caption)

Version  4.22

  • added: StorePaintBuffer in TscScrollBox control (see help)
  • added: StorePaintBuffer for pages in all our page controls (see help)
  • added: ClickOnDataChange property for TscDBCheckBox and TscGPDBCheckBox controls
  • added: some optimizations in code
  • improved: edit and memo controls in transparency mode
  • improved: TscStyledForm component (DWMClientShadow functionality)
  • improved: drawing of some vector glyphs in TscGPGlyphButton control
  • updated: some High-DPI demos
  • updated: help

Version  4.21

  • added: ArrowAreaWidth property to the TscGPComboBox.Options property
  • added: Width and GlyphSize property for buttons in TscGPEdit control and other GP... edit controls (now you have more flexible adjustment of buttons in editors) 
  • added: MouseWheelSupport property in TscGPComboxBox, TscGPDBComboBox controls (set it to False if you want disable mouse wheel support in some cases)
  • improved: DB controls (themed and GP (GDI+) controls)
  • improved: scaling of styled menus  (VCL Style is active)

Version  4.20

  • added: support of RAD Studio 10.3 Rio
  • added: support of "PerMonitorV2" DPI Awareness option (available in 10.3 Rio) for all controls (now they use per monitor system metrics and theme data)
  • added: a lot of improvements in controls for better scaling
  • improved: TscHint component - now it uses per monitor font size and per monitor cursor size to get position
  • added: TscHint.ActiveForApplication property - use it to replace all hints in applications to hints from TscHint component (this helps you to fix all problems with hints on multi-monitors High-DPI systems)
  • improved: behavior of all page and tab controls (themed and GDI+)
  • fixed: scaling image with custom size in TscGPCharGlyphButton and TscGPCharImage controls under Berlin and Tokyo
  • updated: all HIgh-DPI demos - now they compiled in 10.3 Rio with "PerMonitorV2" DPI Awareness option

Version  4.18

  • added: TscDBToggleSwitch and TscGPDBToggleSwitch controls (DB version of switch controls)
  • added: additional DragTopForm property (for DragForm property) in TscLabel, TscGPLabel, TscPanel and TscGPPanel controls (set this property to false for dragging form inside other form) 
  • added:  scgfpNone value for TGroupBox.FramePosition property (set this value to hide groupbox frame)
  • improved: TscStyledForm.DWMClientShadow and TscStyledForm.DWMClientShadowHitTest properties (see UWP-like demos)
  • updated: UWP MultiView demo template with custom design (added second UWP form and UWP form for messages)
  • updated: UWP Styled (VCL Styles) MultiView demo template (now you can see styled second UWP form and styled UWP form for messages)

Version  4.17

  • improved: DWMClientShadow property support in TscStyledForm component (switch themes (Aero / Classic) under Windows 7, VCL Styles)
  • improved: TscDBGrid control (vertical scrollbar behavior)
  • fixed: OnItemClick event in TscAdvancedListBox, TscGPListBox control called twice in some cases
  • added: new "CustomGPUWP_MultiView_Styled" demo (UWP MultiView UI) to show how you can flexible adjust controls for VCL Styles
  • fixed: TscGPPageControl and TscGPTabControl scroll buttons behavior and scaling in Berlin and Tokyo

Version  4.15

  • added: TscGPPageViewer control - transparent page control with pages, which inherited from TscGPPanel (see new CustomGPUWP_MultiView demo)
  • added: new shape styles for TscGPButton, TscGPGlyphButton and TscGPCharGlyphButton controls (scgpLeftLine, scgpRightLine, scgpTopLine, scgpBottomLine)
  • added: ScaleInt, ScaleDouble methods to the TscStyledForm component (scale values unsing scale factor of current form)
  • added: TscGPPanel.BlurBackgorund and TscGPPanel.BlurBackgorundAmount properties (now background of the panel can be with blur effect)
  • added: New High-DPI "CustomGPUWP_MultiView" demo to show how you can create UWP MultiView UI (see all new features, from 4.15 version, in this demo(variant with SmartEffects was added too))

Version  4.11

  • added: Options.ArrowType property for TscGPButton, TscGPGlyphButton and TscGPCharGlyphButton controls (see GPControls demo)
  • added: new scgptssRoundedFrame shape style for thumb in TscGPTrackBar control (see GPControls demo)
  • improved: SmartEffects support (see new stylecontrols_ribbon demo in SmartEffects demos)
  • improved: TscStyledForm component with DWMClientShadow = True

Version  4.10

  • added: TscGPCharGlyphButton (Button control with vector shape + it uses FontAwesome to draw char as glyph (see "Char Image" page in "GPControls" and  "CustomGPRibbon_NextGen" demos))
  • added: TscGPCharImage (Analogue of TImage control, but it uses FontAwesome and GDI+ to draw char as image (see "Char Image" page in "GPControls" demo))
  • added: TscGPTabOptions.TabStyle property in all GP pager controls (now tab can has bottom line style - see new "CustomGPRibbon_NextGen" demo)
  • added: "CustomGPRibbon_Extended" demo - additional UWP demo with Application Menu in full client area
  • added: "CustomGPRibbon_NextGen" demo - additional UWP demo with next, more simple Ribbon UI, which MS planned in 2019 + it shows TscGPCharGlyphButton control
  • updated: help

Version  4.05

  • added: TscGPCircledProgressBar.OnGetProgressText event
  • added: second color adjustment (color and alpha value for each state in Options property) for gradient shape in TscGPButton, TscGPGlyphButton control
  • added: FillColor2, FillColor2Alpha and FillGradientAngle properties for TscGPLabel control
  • improved: TscGPProgressBar and TscGPCircledProgressBar controls
  • improved: TscAdvancedListBox, TscHorzListBox, TscGridView, TscGPListBox controls (OnItemClick event handling)
  • fixed: scaling and key handling in TscGPToggleSwitch control
  • updated: GPControls and CustomGPUWP_SplitView2 demos
  • updated: demos with SmartEffects VCL
  • updated: help

Version  4.01

  • improved: scaling and resizing of edit controls
  • fixed: some problems when you move form between monitors when scStyledForm.DWMClientShadowHitTest = True
  • updated: MediaPlayerUWP demo - now TscGPEdit in caption can has Align = alRight
  • added: CustomGPUWP_SplitView2 demo

Version  4.0

  • added: TscStyledForm.DWMClientShadowHitTest (now DWM shadow can has hit test and you can resize form with it (for UWP-like applicaitons on Windows 7, 8, 10))
  • added: set of new methods for TscStyledForm to create UWP-like applications (see demos and help)
  • added: a lot of improvements  in the TscStyledForm component to create UWP-like applicaitons
  • added: improvements and optimizations in drawing methods of  base classes for controls
  • added: properties for wallpapers and custom images in TscGPPanel and TscGPListBox controls
  • added: TscGPPanel.Sizeable property (now it or parent control (form) can be resized with mouse))
  • added: DregForm property in TscPanel and TscGPPanels
  • added: TscGPGlyphButton.GlyphOptions.Size (your custom size) and  TscGPGlyphButton.GlyphOptions.ThicknessScaled properties
  • added: TscAppPager.CaptionCursor and TscAppPager.CaptionCursorEnabled properties (custom cursor for caption)
  • added: improvements in TscGPVirtualImageList component + new very important DirectDraw property (see help for details)
  • added: a lot of optimizations and improvements in code for different controls
  • updated: all UWP-like demos - new code, new properties and methods for components and controls (very big changes)
  • updated: help

Version  3.98

  • added: VCL Styles support for DevExpress VCL v.18.X (new special adapter unit)
  • improved: drawing of TscListView, TscTreeView control with VCL Styles

Version  3.97

  • added: TscExPanel.FrameColor property
  • added: ShowEllipsis property for TscLabel, TscGPLabel controls
  • added ItemWordWrap, ItemShowEllipsis for TscGPListBox, TscGPComboBox controls
  • added: ListBoxItemWordWrap, ListBoxItemShowEllipsis for TscGPComboEdit control
  • improved: TscGPGlyphButton control
  • improved: dialog button drawing in TscGPToolGroupPanel control
  • improved:  dialog methods in scDialogs unit
  • updated: demos and help

Version  3.96

  • added: SplitButton property for TscGPButton and TscGPGlyphButton controls
  • added: Add methods in TscAdvancedListBox, TscAdvancedComboBox, TscAdvancedComboEdit controls to quickly add items from TStrings
  • added: Add methods in TscGPListBox, TscGPComboBox, TGPComboEdit controls to quickly add items from TStrings
  • added: TscStyledForm.DropDownBorderColor property
  • improved: TscStyledForm component (NC objects behavior + some fixes)
  • improved: TscSplitView control on High-DPI systems
  • added: new demo - Ribbon UI Andalogue with GP (GDI+) controls (CustomGPRibbon folder)
  • updated: some demos and help

Version  3.95

  • added: Intertial animation and AnimationType property for TscSplitView control
  • improved: TscSplitView control
  • added: InterpolationType property for TscGPVirtualImageList and TscGPVirtualImage
  • improved: TscGPImageCollection, TscGPImage, TscGPVirtualImageList components
  • added: new property editor to set PngImage in TscGPImage and TscGPImageCollection components
  • improved: DB editros controls
  • added: some small improvements and optimizations in code
  • updated: demos and help

Version  3.94

  • added: ShowCloseButton property for each tab in TscAdvancedPageControl, TscAdvancedTabControl, TscToolPager, TscGPPageControl, TscGPTabControl, TscGPToolPager controls
    (now you can enable / disable close button for each tab (ShowCloseButtons must be True in parent page / tab control))
  • improved: TscAppPager control behavior in designing time
  • added: TscGPDBText control

Version  3.93

  • fixed: TscComboBox scaling in Tokyo (Style = csDropDown)
  • fixed: some problems with popup menu to change month in TscMonthCalendar, TscGPMonthCalendar controls 
  • improved: TscTrackBar control scaling with VCL Styles

Version  3.92

  • added: TscStyleManger.MenuSelectionStyle property (now styled menus can has styled or color selection (color selection looks more good with GP (GDI+) controls))
  • improved: TscListView control (extended column drawing)
  • improved: some style hook classes (VCL Styles support)
  • updated: GP controls demos
  • updated: help

Version  3.91

  • added: full support of native system animations for custom form with TscStyledForm.DWMClientShadow = True (see CustomGPForm..., GPControls demos)
  • improved: custom drop down form behavior when it resizing (TscStyledForm.DropDownForm = True)
  • updated: TscGPSizeBox control  (mouse handling is fully rewritten)
  • improved: TscStatusBar control (accepting controls)
  • updated: GPControls demo (GDI+ controls) - now it has TscStyledForm.DWMClientShadow solution

Version  3.90

  • improved: VCL Styles support
  • improved: High-DPI support
  • improved: TscStyledForm component 
  • fixed: TscExPanel.OnCaptionClick not fired when Moveable = True
  • updated: "CustomGPForm 2" high-dpi demo

Version  3.89

  • added: TscExPanel.BorderWidth property (defines border to resize control (Sizeable = True) and client area)
  • improved: items drawing in all listboxes and comboboxes (themed and GP controls)
  • updated: ExPanel demo
  • updated: high-dpi demo for TscToolPager control (ribbon analogue demo)
  • updated: help

Version  3.88

  • added: TscGridPanel control  (full analogue of standard TGridPanel, but inherited from TscPanel (with different styles for border and background, wallpapers))
  • improved: TscDateEdit, TscDBDateEdit controls
  • updated: high-dpi demo for TscAppPager control
  • updated: help

Version  3.87

  • added: TscToggleSwitch and TscGPToggleSwitch controls (analogue of existing TscSwitch, TscGPSwitch controls, but with captions and focus)
  • added: TscGPVirtualImageList.SourceImageCollection property (now TscGPImageCollection can be source)
  • added: TscGPVirtualImageList.Update method
  • improved: TscGPImageCollection, TscGPVirtualImageList components
  • improved: TscStyledForm component (behavior of styled form)
  • updated some demos and help

Version  3.85

  • added: TscCoolBar control, which inherited from TCoolBar and has improvements for themed and styled modes
  • added: TscControlBar control, which inherited form TControlBar and has different styles for background, wallpaper from TscImageCollection, TscGPImageCollection components
  • added: IsModified method to the TscSpinEdit, TscAdvancedComboEdit, TscGPSpinEdit, TscGPComboEdit (as additional to standard Modified property)
  • added:  scexphsCategoryHeader style for header in TscExPanel control
  • updated: main and expanel demos

Version  3.81

  • added: TscExPanel.OnCaptionDblClick event
  • added: TscExPanel.ChangeRollStateWithCaptionClick property
  • improved: TscGPCheckBox, TscGPRadioButton controls (bidi support + support of Layout property)
  • fixed: drawing of styled TscStatusBar when some panel has width = 0
  • improved: support of TscStykeManager.StyleArrowType property in styled forms and controls
  • improved: scaling of TscTrackBar, TscDBNavigator with VCL Styles
  • updated: help and some demos

Version  3.80

  • added: TscStyleManager.StyleArrowType property (global property to define arrow types in controls and menus)
  • added: support of TscStyleManager.StyleArrowType in controls and menus with VCL Styles
  • improved: all custom common dialogs
  • improved: TscStyledForm component
  • updated: help and some demos

Version  3.79

  • added: PromptTextColor for all themed and GP edit controls
  • improved: TscNumericEdit, TscSpinEdit, TscGPNumericEdit and TscGPSpinEdit controls
  • updated: drawing of combobox arrow in some controls if  "Windows10..." VCL Style enabled

Version  3.78

  • added: ProgressColor, ProgressColorAlpha and ShowProgress for TscGPDial control
  • added: HeaderStyle, HeaderColor, ButtonGlyphColor for TscExPanel control (now header can be colorized)
  • improved: TscToolBar control with Flat = True + VCL Styles Enabled (now buttons is flat too) 
  • fixed: TscShellComboBox problem under Berlin+ 
  • improved: TscShellListView control
  • updated: help and some GP demos

Version  3.76

  • fixed: shortcuts problems in some controls
  • improved: button controls
  • improved: custom 
  • added: some optimizations in code
  • updated: help and some demos
  • tested in RAD Studio Tokyo 10.2 Release1

Version  3.75

  • added: ThumbOptions.Cursor and ThumbOptions.UseCursor properties in TscTrackBar and TscGPTrackBar controls (custom cursor for thumb)
  • added: some improvements for different edit controls
  • fixed: TscLabel.VertAlignment not works with AutoSize = True
  • fixed: problems with setting in code of FilterIndex property for custom shell dialogs

Version  3.74

  • added: HintComponent (TscHint) property for all edit controls (themed and GP)
  • added: Hint and ShowHint propertires for LeftButton and RightButton in all edit controls (themed and GP)
  • fixed: mouse wheel behavior with multiselection in TscDBGrid control
  • added: some minor improvements

Version  3.73

  • added: keyboard support for popup calendar in TscDateEdit, TscGPDateEdit controls
  • fixed: behaviour of GP (GDI+) editors with AutoSize = False
  • improved: TscStyledForm component  under Seattle (when form moving between monitors with different DPIs) 
  • added: some minor improvements
  • updated: some demos

Version  3.72

  • added: TscDateEdit.BlanksChar property
  • fixed: problem with TscDBDateEdit.ReadOnly property
  • improved: TscMonthCalendar drawing with StyleKind = scpsEdit
  • added: GroupIndex support for TscGPGlyphButton control

Version  3.71

  • added: FrameSides property for TscGPPanel control (now you can show / hide any side of the panel frame)
  • improved: TscTrackBar control 
  • added: optimizations in code

Version  3.70

  • added: TscGPSizeBox control (control with vector glyph and hittest = HTBOTTOMRIGHT to resize form)
  • updated: CustomGPForm2 demo with TscGPSizeBox control
  • added: some improvents to controls

Version  3.69

  • added: TscLabel.DragForm property (If True then parent form will be dragging with this label (form caption emulation))
  • added: TscStyledForm.OnChangeActive event 
  • improved: TscGPPanel, TscGPGlyphButton controls
  • added:  CustomGPForm2 demo with TscStyledForm.DWMClientShadow = True and new properties for controls (see above)
  • updated: CustomGPForm demo

Version  3.68

  • added: TscStyledForm.DWMClientShadow property (If True then component adds system DWM shadow for form with BorderStyle = bsNone)
  • updated: CustomGPForm demo with TscStyledForm.DWMClientShadow = True
  • improved: TscGPButton control 

Version  3.67

  • added: support of RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo

Version 3.66

  • added: TscListView.ExtendedColumnDraw property (now you can set Column.Tag = 1 and control will draws progressbar  in column automatically, Column.Tag = 2 - control draws checkbox)
  • improved: TscGPVertPageControl, TscGPVertTabControl controls
  • added: new demo with  TscGPVertTabControl +  TIKPageView (from ImageKit) controls (3D transitions with GP controls)
  • added: some changes in code to support CrossVCL tool (Build VCL application for macOS (now in progress))

Version 3.65

  • added: TscGPVertPageControl, TscGPVertTabControl (cool GP controls with vertical list of tabs, vector shape for tab and with a lot of features for customization)
  • added:  OnItemCheckClick event for TscAdvancedComboBox and TscGPComboBox (for CheckedListMode = True)
  • added: OnListBoxDrawItem event for TscAdvancedComboBox control (special for popup listbox)
  • improved: all advanced page and tab controls

Version 3.64

  • added: CheckedListMode, CheckedListWrap properties for TscAdvancedComboBox, TscGPComboBox controls (If True then popup listbox has checkboxes and control draws list of checked items (Item1; Item2; ...))
  • added: AlternateRow property for all grid controls
  • improved: VCL Styles support + High-DPI support in MDI applications  (TscStyledForm component)
  • improved: High-DPI support in TscDBLookUpComboBox control
  • improved: rotate animation with acceleration in TscGPImage control
  • fixed: some minor bugs

Version 3.63

  • added: ImageCollection, ImageIndex, ShowImage property for TscGPDial, TscGPGearDial, TscGPMeter, TscGPMeter120 controls
  • added: ShowValue, FormatStrValue property for TscGPGearDial control
  • improved: all GP meters and dials controls
  • fixed: some problems under C++Builder
  • updated: all C++Builder demos
  • updated: GP Controls demo and help

Version 3.62

  • added: AnimationAcceleration property for TscGPCircledProgressBar, TscGPGearActivityIndicator, TscGPImage (animation with acceleration)
  • added: ImageCollection, ImageIndex, ShowImage property for TscGPCircledProgressBar control (image in circle)
  • added: AnimationLineAngle for TscGPCircledProgressBar control
  • improved: TscGPImageCollection component (smooth HQ drawing and scaling images in controls)
  • fixed: TscCheckListBox drawing with columns
  • updated: GP Controls demo and help

Version 3.61

  • added: TscGPToolPager, TscGPToolGroupPanel (Ribbon UI analogue with GDI+ controls)
  • added: TscToolGroupPanel control (TscToolPager + TscToolGroupPanel - Ribbon UI analogue with themed controls)
  • added: TscGPScrollPanel control
  • added: StorePaintBuffer property for some controls (If True then transparent child controls from StyleControls VCL will use special paint buffer to get parent image. This solution really increase performance!)
  • improved: TscScrollPanel control
  • updated: all demos and help

Version 3.60

  • added: TscGPPageControl, TscGPTabControl (controls with vector tabs, left and right offsets for tabs and with a lot of features to customize colors for each tab)
  • updated: demos and help

Version 3.57

  • added: AutoComplete property + improved keyboard support for TscAdvancedListBox, TscAdvancedComboBox, TscHorzListBox, TscGridView, TscGridViewComboBox controls
  • added: Sort method for TscAdvancedListBox and TscAdvancedComboBox controls
  • added: AutoComplete property, Sort method +  improved keyboard support for TscGPListBox, TscGPComboBox (GDI+ controls)
  • added: sctpbsLineTopBottom, sctpbsLine2TopBottom border styles for TscToolPager control
  • added: TscStyledForm.StylesMenuSorted property (now style names in form system menu can be sorted)
  • improved: TscToolPager and TscAdvancedPager controls + some fixes

Version 3.56

  • added: TscGPLabel control (label control, which has properties as TLabel, TscLabel control + vector shape)
  • added: TscGPGearActivityIndicator (control to show animated vector gears)
  • added: new border style for TscAdvancedPager, TscAdvancedTabControl, TscToolPages controls (see help)
  • added: Enabled property for TscGalleryMenu items
  • added: microphone vector glyph type for the TscGPEdit buttons
  • improved: TscButtonsBar control  
  • improved: TscColorButton control (popup color grid behavior with custom colors)
  • fixed: drawing of microphone vector glyphs in TscGPGlyphButton
  • updated: demos and help

Version 3.55

  • added: ArrowType property for TscGPMeter and TscGPMeter120 control (now it can be line or arrow)
  • added: DisplayFormat and CurrecyString properties for TscNumericEdit and TscGPNumericEdit controls
  • added: ShowCustomColors, ShowPopupColorsFromRight properties for TscColorButton control (now you can set array of custom colors in popup color grid)
  • updated: TscFontDialog (now color button with custom colors)
  • improved: TscMonthCalendar, TscGPMonthCalendarControls
  • improved: some vector glyphs in TscGPGlyphButton
  • improved: TscEdit and TscGPEdit controls
  • fixed: some minor bugs
  • updated: demos and help

Version 3.54

  • added: 50+ new vector glyphs for TscGPGlyphButton control (gear, star, copy, cut, paste, font, fill, maps, help and many more for most of actions (now it has > 100 kinds))
  • added: TscGPGlyphButton.TextMargin property (see help)
  • added: "Refresh" vector glyph kind for buttons in TscGPEdit control
  • updated: GP Controls demo and help 

Version 3.53

  • added: TscGPGlyphButton control (button with vector shape and vector glyph (50 kinds))
  • improved: vector glyphs in TscGPEdit control
  • updated: GP Controls demo and help 

Version 3.52

  • added: TscGPMemo, TscGPDBMemo controls (Memo control with vector shape, background and scrollbars (GP (GDI +) controls))
  • added: TscGPGroupBox control
  • improved: TscMemo control + fixed problems with resizing
  • updated: demos and help 

Version 3.51

  • added: new GP (GDI +) controls: TscGPMonthCalendar, TscGPDateEdit, TscGPTimeEdit, TscGPPasswordEdit, TscGPSpinEdit (controls with vector shapes, backgrounds, glyphs)
  • added: new DB GP controls:  TscGPDBDateEdit, TscGPDBTimeEdit, TscGPDBPasswordEdit, TscGPDBSpinEdit

Version 3.50

  • added: new set of GP (GDI +) controls: TscGPListBox, TscGPComboBox, TscGPEdit, TscGPComboEdit, TscGPNumericEdit (controls with vector shapes, backgrounds, own vector scrollbars and more)
  • added: new set of DB GP controls: TscGPDBListBox, TscGPDBComboBox, TscGPDBEdit, TscGPDBComboEdit, TscDBGPNumericEdit 
  • improved: some GP controls 
  • improved:  TscAdvancedListBox control
  • updated: help and some demos
  • coming soon more GP controls

Version 3.38

  • added: PromptText property for TscPasswordEdit control
  • added: GroupAlphaColor, AutoSize, RowHeight for TscListGroupPanel control
  • improved: TscSplitView control
  • improved:  scale support for TscColorDialog and for TscHSColorPicker,  TscLColorPicker controls
  • fixed: some problems with custom dialogs with "Classic" Theme and high dpi's (Windows 7)
  • updated: help and some demos

Version 3.37

  • added: TscListGroupPanel control (panel control, which looks as listbox group with header (see Win10_Modern_app2 demo("Options" split view))
  • added:  new scapsModern selection style and ChangePageWithItemSelection property for TscAppPager control (see demos and help)
  • improved: TscScrollBox control
  • improved: TscAdvancedListbox and TscAdvancedComboBox controls
  • updated: help and some demos

Version 3.35

  • added: TscAdvancedTabControl control
  • improved: TscTooPager, TscAdvancedPager controls 
  • added: new demo with TscAdvancedTabControl + TIKPageView control (from ImageKit) to show 3D transtions between pages 
  • updated: help and some demos

Version 3.32

  • added: TscStyledForm.InActiveClientBlurAmount and TscStyledForm.InActiveClientColorAlpha properties (additinoal adjustment of blurred glass effect for form client)
  • improved: TscStyledForm component (behavior of the form with buttons and tabs in NC area and fixed some bugs)
  • added: some optimizations in code
  • updated: help and some demos

Version 3.31

  • added: blurred glass effect for form client (see TscStyledForm.InActiveClientColor property and TscStyledForm.ShowClientInActiveEffect,TscStyledForm.HideClientInActiveEffect methods)
  • fixed: position of dropdown form in some cases (TscStyledForm.DropDown method)
  • fixed: MDI form behavior with close query in child forms  (TscStyledForm component)
  • updated: help and some demos

Version 3.30

  • added: support of SmartEffect VCL (now you can use all controls in transition effects)
  • added: special events in different controls to use SmartEffects animation (see demos)
  • added: demos with SmartEffects VCL

Version 3.21

  • fixed: shadow effect scaling in GP controls + improved these effects
  • fixed: drawing of popup calendar border with some styles  in TscDateEdit control 

Version 3.20

  • added: collection of GP DB controls (10 controls)
  • added: KnobShadow property for TscGPDial and TscGPGearDial controls
  • added: Ribbon UI Analogue demos

Version 3.17

  • added: ArrowShadow and FrameShadow properties for TscGPMeter, TscGPMeter120, TscGPClock controls (shadow effects)
  • added: ThumbShadow, FrameSolid, FrameOnSolid, FrameInside properties for TscGPSwitch (now you can customize switch as in iOS or Android)
  • added: ThumbShadow property for TscGPSlider control
  • added: ArrowShadow property for TscGPHVMeter control
  • added: DrawOnlyClient property for TscGPImageCollectionItem object
  • improved: scaing of TscActivityIndicator control (now it scaled with high quality)
  • updated: GP Controls demo
  • added: Ribbon UI Analogue demo
  • updated: help

Version 3.15

  • added: interaction between TscGPImage and TscGPImageCollection components
  • added: TscGPImage.PngImage property
  • added: TscGPPanel.FillColor2 property and improved gradient filling feature
  • added: TscScrollPanel.ScrollButtonWidth property
  • added: some optimizatinos in code of TscGPImageCollection component
  • improved: TscScrollPanel control scaling 
  • improved: TscToolPager control
  • added: new High-DPI demos

Version 3.12

  • added: TscGPImageCollection component
    (collection of images with different drawing styles. Images can be HQ scaled to any scale factor)
  • added: ScaleFrameWidth and ScaleCheckMarkThickness properties for TscGPCheckBox control
  • improved: animation and behavior of TscSwitch and TscGPSwitch controls
  • updated: some part of code in controls to use TscImageCollection and TscGPImageCollection components
  • updated: GP controls demo and help

Version 3.11

  • added: TscGPVirtualImageList component
    (Image list component, which can uses one external TImageList as source for images!
    You can set dynamically size, scale factor (High-DPI support is easy now) for images and get smooth HQ scaling!)
  • added: ShowValue, FormatStrValue and ValueTextColor properties for TscGPDial control
  • improved: TscGPMeter120 control
  • improved: TscGPSlider control
  • updated: TscButtonsBar control (added new properties and some part of code was rewritten, see help)
  • updated: GP Controls demo and help
  • updated: High-DPI demo "Win10_Modern_App" - now it uses TscGPVirtualImageList component with one TImageList component
  • updated: help

Version 3.10

  • added: TscGPHVMeter control
  • added: TscGPSlider control
  • added: TscGPMeter120 control
  • improved: some GP controls
  • updated: GP Controls demo and help

Version 3.07

  • added: TscGPClock control 
  • added: TscGPDial and TscGPGearDial controls
  • updated: TscGPMeter control in most part
  • added: Images and ImageIndex property for TscGPImage (now it can use image from TscImageCollection component)
  • updated: GP Controls demo and help

Version 3.05

  • added: TscGPMeter - cool rounded meter control with advanced features
  • updated: GP Controls demo and help

Version 3.03

  • added: RotationAngle and RotateAnimation properties for TscGPImage control (now you can rotate image or activate rotate animation for it)
  • added: AnimationMode and Active properties for TscGPProgressBar and TscGPCircledProgressBar controls (progress animation)
  • updated: help and demo for GP controls
  • fixed: custom font color not applied in TscRichEdit control when VCL Style enabled

Version 3.02

  • added: code to the scStyleManager unit (TscStyleManager component) to improve scale (High-DPI) support for styled system common dialogs (for Seattle+ versions)
  • improved: drawing of checkmark in TscGPCheckBox control
  • improved: TscPasswordEdit control
  • improved: TscButtonsBar, TscFrameBar controls (scale support)

Version 3.01

  • added: additional properties to customize shapes in TscGPCheckBox, TscGPRadionButton controls
  • added: additional properties to customize gradient filling in TscGPButton, TscGPPanel controls
  • added: properties to add and adjust clip frame for picture in TscGPImage control
  • improved: some code in scDrawUtils unit
  • updated: demos and help

Version 3.0

  • added: collection of controls, which based on GDI+ vector graphic (controls can automatically use colors from styles or custom colors for different elements)
  • added: demo for new collection of vector controls (see "gpcontrols(new)!!!" demo folder)
  • added: High-DPI demo for new collection of vector controls 
  • updated: help

Version  2.98

  • added: TscButton.ImageMargin property (Define area for image in button (Margin property will be ignored). This property is really useful, for example, on TscSplitView control. Set ImageMargin = TscSplitView.CompactWidth and buttons will scale area for image properly (image always will be in center of rectangle, which defined by this property))
  • added: new demo-project for High-DPI demos
  • updated: win10_modern_app... demos
  • improved: some style hook classes

Version  2.97

  • added: scDialogs unit with scMessageDlg, scMessageDlgEx, scShowMessage, scShowMessageEx methods
    (messages with High-DPI (scale) support (scaling of VCL Styles is fully supported now) + customization)

Version  2.96

  • fixed: scaling problems in RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin
  • improved: scaling of custom dialogs
  • improved: drawing and behavour of some controls

Version  2.95

  • added: scaling support to any scale factor (100%, 125%, 150% - 250% and more)  for styled form borders (auto adjust all VCL Style elements + buttons and tabs in caption)
  • added: TscStyleManager.ScaleFormBorder property to enable / disable scaling border of styled form 

Version  2.91

  • added: TscColorGrid, TscCustomColorGrid, TscLColorPicker, TscHSColorPicker controls (TscColorDialog uses these controls)
  • improved: scaling of controls to any scale factor (100%, 125%, 150% - 250% and more )
  • updated: code for TscPrintDialog, TscColorDialog 

Version  2.90

  • added: special properties, events, methods for TscStyledForm component to create custom dropdown (popup) form and use it with any controls (see help and new demo)
  • added: special properties, events, methods for TscButton control to work with custom dropdown (popup) forms (see help and new demo)
  • added: new demo with  dropdown forms (see "DropDownForms" folder in samples) 
  • added: new style kind for TscButton control (StyleKind = scbsDropDownCombo)
  • added: WordWrap, UseImageFromAction, UseImageIndexFromAction properties for TscButton, TscCheckBox and TscRadioButton controls 
  • added: improvements and fixes in some controls 
  • updated demos and help

Version  2.88

  • added: TscTimeEdit.TimeFormat property (now it can be 12 hour) + improved behavior of this control
  • improved: TscDBTimeEdit control
  • improved: drawing of TscNumericEdit, TscCalcEdit, TscSpinEdit controls with DisplayType = scedtCurrency
  • fixed: some problems with TscFontDialog
  • updated: form of TscPrintDialog (now it uses TscAdvancedPager control)
  • added: additional demo with Windows 10 Modern UI

Version  2.87

  • added: TscTrackEdit control (numeric edit with popup trackbar)
  • added:  a lot of improvements and new demo for TscExPanel control
  • improved: grid controls
  • improved: TscColorDialog (added TscTrackEdit controls)
  • updated demos and help

Version  2.85

  • added: TscPrintDialog (all dialogs in one) - custom printer dialog, which based on own controls
  • added: TscFontDialog - compact font dialog, which based on own controls
  • added: TscPanel.OnPaintPanel event
  • updated demos

Version  2.81

  • added: TscColorDialog - custom color dialog, which based on own controls
  • added: TscColorButton.ColorDialogCustom property (TscColorDialog)
  • improved: TscStyledForm component
  • updated demos and help

Version  2.80

  • added: support of RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin
  • added: TscImage control (analogue of TImage, but inherited from TscPanel)
  • added: TscFilterComboBox control (file filters)
  • added: TscSelectPathDialog, TscOpenDialog, TscSaveDialog, TscOpenPictureDialog, TscSavePictureDialog - custom dialogs, which based on own shell controls
  • updated: shell controls demo
  • updated: code for dblookup controls

Version  2.75

  • added: Indent property for items in advanced listbox, combobox, comboedit controls - now you can use them as advanced analogue of comboboxex control and create tree of items
  • improved: checkboxes support in TscTreeView control
  • improved: TscComboBoxEx control
  • improved: all shell controls
  • improved: Windows XP support
  • updated: demos and help

Version  2.71

  • added: TscExPanel.OnCaptionClick event
  • added: support of TscExPanel.CaptionHeight = 0
  • added: Default, Cancel, ModalResult, ModalSetting properties for TscButton control
  • added: DropDownPosition property for TscAdvancedComboBox, TscAdvancedComboEdit and TscGridViewComboBox controls
  • fixed: drawing of TscTreeView checkboxes with some fonts
  • improved: support  of  Windows 10 system

Version  2.70

  • added: TscExPanel control - panel, which can roll horizontally, vertically with special rollup-button and can be hidden with close button + you can use it perfectly on TscScrolBox control
  • added:  TscButton.ArrowPosition, TscColorButton.ArrowPosition property (now arrow and split part can be at bottom)
  • added: segmented styles for TscColorButton control (as for TscButton) 
  • added: TscLabel.VertAlignment property
  • improved: High-DPI support
  • fixed: TscAppPager.Align property always is alClient
  • updated: demos and help

Version  2.67

  • added: scbsSegmentedLeft, scbsSegmentedMiddle, scbsSegmentedRight, scbsSegmentedToolLeft, scbsSegmentedToolMiddle,  scbsSegmentedToolRight values for TscButton.StyleKind property
  • added:  ShowCaption, WidthWithCaption, WidthWithoutCaption properties  for TscButton control
  • updated: demos and help

Version  2.65

  • added: TscHtmlLabel control (label, which has support of html tags in caption)
  • added: support of checkboxes in treeview controls
  • added: some small improvements in different controls
  • updated: demos and help

Version  2.60

  • added: High-DPI support in all controls ("Enable High-DPI" option available sinse 10 Seattle) 
  • added: a lot of improvements and changes in controls, components for scaling to any big resolution
  • updated: TscDBNavigator control (it fully rewritten to support High-DPI and new visual features)
  • added: High-DPI demos
  • updated: help

Version  2.55

  • added: TscDBAdvancedComboEdit control
  • added: TscDBAdvancedComboBox control
  • added: TscDBAdvancedListBox control
  • improved: TscAdvancedComboEdit, TscAdvancedListBox, TscAdvancedComboBox control behavour
  • improved: some DB controls 
  • improved: TscStyledForm component

Version  2.52

  • updated: drawing of themed selection in all controls
  • improved: drawing of TscButton control   
  • added: SelectionStyle property for grids
  • improved: drawing of grids
  • improved: drawing of TscAppPager control

Version  2.51

  • added: touch scrolling support for TscDBGrid control
  • added: TscScrollBox.FullUpdate property and some optimizations for this control

Version  2.50

  • added: touch scrolling support for all advanced controls with list-items (TscAdvancedListBox, TscGridView, TscAppPager and other controls)
  • added: touch scrolling for TscScrollPanel and for pages in TscToolPager control (see TouchScroll property)
  • improved: touch scrolling for TscScrollBox control and other controls, which inherired from it
  • added:  ScrollButtonWidth property for TscToolPager and TscAdvancedPager controls
  • improved: filter method for TscAdvancedListBox control

Version  2.35

  • added: OnGetTabDrawParams event to the TscToolPager and TscAdvancedPager controls (now you can customize font for each tab, for example)
  • added: Hint property support for TscGalleryMenu items (see TscGalleryMenu.HintComponent and TscGalleyMenu.ShowHints properties also)
  • added: PopupExt and PopupFromRectExt methods for TscGalleryMenu
  • added: ShowGalleryMenuFromTop, ShowGalleryMenuFromRight properties for TscButton
  • added: ShowMenuArrow property for TscButton
  • updated: help 
  • updated: demos

Version  2.33

  • fixed: scrolling behavior of pages in TscAppPager, TscModernPager, TscAdvancedPager controls with VCL Styles
  • fixed: adjusting page position in TscToolPager control when BorderStyle = sctpbsLine
  • added: some optimizations in code

Version  2.32

  • added: TscStyledForm.OnHitTest event
  • improved: TscListView control 
  • improved: TscMemo control
  • improved: TscRichEdit control behavior

Version  2.31

  • added: TscAdvancedListBox.Filter property (filter for items)
  • added: TscAdvancedComboEdit.UseFilter (filter for popup listbox)
  • added: PromptText property for editor controls
  • improved: TscStyledForm component
  • updated: demos and help

Version  2.30

  • added: TscStringGrid, TscDrawGrid and TscDBGrid (grids with transparency, wallpapers,  transparent editors and more features)
  • improved: editor controls and some DB controls
  • updated: demos and help

Version  2.21

  • added: OnMouseMove, OnMouseDown, OnMouseUp, OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave events for buttons and tabs in NC area (TscStyledForm component)
  • added: TscActivityIndicator.Kind property and 2 new kind of it (scaikCircle and scaikSectors)
  • added: some optimizations in code
  • improved: TscAdvancedComboEdit control
  • improved: TscComboBox control (work with Style and StyleKind properties)
  • fixed: some problems with TscSplitView control when you changed Visible property

Version  2.20

  • added: 20 DB controls with advanced features
  • added: new demo with some DB controls
  • added: TscRichEdit control
  • improved: TscHint component
  • improved: TscStyledForm component

Version  2.17

  • added: TscAdvancedPager control
  • added: new demo with TscAdvancedPager control
  • improved: TscToolPager control
  • improved: TscGalleryMenu component
  • updated: help

Version  2.15

  • added: TscWebBrowser control
  • added: new demo for TscWebBrowser control
  • added: fixes and behaviour improvements in all edit controls
  • added: some optimizations in code

Version  2.10

  • added: TscActivityIndicator control
  • added: TscRelativePanel control
  • improved: TscSplitView control 
  • added: new demo for TscSplitView control
  • improved: drawing of some controls with styles
  • updated: demos
  • updated: help

Version  2.05

  • added: TscSwitch control
  • updated: TscStyleManager component (styled menus works since XE2 now)

Version  2.0

  • added: TscModernSplitView, TscSplitView, TscPageViewer controls to create Windows 10 Modern Applications
  • added: demo of Windows 10 Modern UI Application
  • added: TscHint component
  • added: TscBalloonHint component 
  • added: Hints support for buttons and tabs in NC area of the form (TscStyledForm component)
  • added: TscStyleManager component (TscStyledMenu was removed)
  • added: a lot of improvements for different controls and style hook classes
  • added: a lot of optimizations in code
  • fixed: some bugs in controls
  • updated: demos and help

Version  1.95

  • added: TscStatusBar control
  • added: TscToolBar control
  • added: GroupIndex, Down and AllowAllUp properties for NC area buttons (TscStyledForm component)
  • improved: support of styled menus
  • updated: demos and help

Version  1.91

  • added: improved TscStyledMenu component (updated and improved styled menu drawing)
  • fixed: glow effect drawing on TscButton control

Version  1.90

  • added: a lot of properties and events to TscStyledForm component to add buttons and tabs in NC area of styled form
  • added: tabsheet style for TscPanel control
  • added: tab styles for TscButton control
  • added: TscButton.OnPaint event
  • added: new demos
  • updated: help and demos

Version  1.85

  • improved: TscStyledForm component 
  • added: mdi demo with TscStyledForm component 
  • added: TscStyledForm.ClientWidth and TscStyledForm.ClientHeight properties (store client size after style changed)
  • added: TscStyledForm.ShowStylesMenu and TscStyledForm.StylesMenuCaption properties (add styles menu in system menu of the form)
  • added: optimization in controls to draw glow effect more faster

Version  1.83

  • added: TscStyledForm component (component to adjust and improved behaviour of styled form(owner of this component))

Version  1.82

  • added: TscStyledMenu component (component to adjust styled menus (works since XE6) and adds advanced features: alphablend, wallpapers, items as headers)

Version  1.80

  • added: RAD Studio 10 Seattle support
  • added: TscComboBox.StyleKind property
  • fixed: TscImageCollection component (updated saving method for stored 32-bit bitmap to png)
  • improved: TscComboBoxEx control
  • improved: TscFrameBar control
  • improved: TscToolPager control 
  • improved: behaviour of TscShellComboBox control
  • added: optmizations in source code for some controls
  • updated: some demos and help

Version  1.76

  • added: optimizations for TscToolPager control 
  • improved: drawing of items in TscAppPager control
  • improved: drawing of selection in controls when ShowFocusRect = False
  • added: 64-bit compiled demos

Version  1.75

  • added: TscToolPager control (analogue of PageControl with left, right offset for tabs to put any controls after and before tabs)
  • added: scsbsTabSheet background style for TscScrollBox control

Version  1.72

  • improved: Windows 10 support

Version  1.71

  • improved: behaviour and drawing of all edit controls 
  • fixed: drawing of TscAdvancedComboBox, TscGridViewComboBox controls in some style kinds
  • improved: buttons behaviour in TscAdvancedListBox items
  • improved: drawing of TscCheckBox, TscRadioButton, TscGroupBox controls
  • added: some optimizations in code

Version  1.70

  • added: TscScrollPanel control
  • added: demo for TscScrollPanel control
  • added: TscShellListView.AutoExecute property
  • added: new style kinds for edit controls
  • added: TscAppPager.OnCaptionClick property

Version  1.65

  • added: TscAppPager control
  • added: demo for TscAppPager control

Version  1.60

  • added: RAD Studio XE8 support
  • added: a lot of changes, improvements with new properties in most controls 
  • added: custom images support with new style kinds in most of controls (buttons, checkboxes, selection, backgrounds and more)
  • added: TscImageCollection.Bitmap property (you can set Bitmap property form PNG file and get 32-bitmap for using in controls)
  • added: TscImageCollection.BitmapOptions property (you can set parameters of how Bitmap will be draw in control (margins, alphablend, draw style and more)
  • added: CustomImages and other properties in most of controls to use custom images for control's elements
  • added: TscTrackBar and TscProgressBar control with many advanced features
  • added: a lot of new options in TscAdvancedListBox control
  • updated: demos

Version  1.51

  • added: TscAdvancedComboBox.ListBoxStyle property
  • added: TscAdvancedComboEdit.ListBoxStyle property
  • improved: behaviour of TscAdvancedListBox control with group styles

Version  1.50

  • added: new style with active bottom line (focused state) for edit and advanced combobox controls (see StyleKind property)
  • added: TscAdvancedListBox.Style property - now it can be with plain style or with 2 types of groups
  • added: TscAdvancedListBox.GroupBackgroundColor property
  • improved: TscAdvancedComboEdit control
  • updated: demos and help

Version  1.45

  • improved:  drawing of treeview and listview controls when VCL Style is enabled and DoubleBuffered = True
  • improved: shell controls  

Version  1.43

  • fixed:  problem with loading TscShellListView control when ThumbnailOptions.Enabled

Version  1.42

  • added:  optimizations for threads and memory usage in TscShellListView control

Version  1.41

  • improved: Thumbnails support in TscShellListView control

Version  1.40

  • added: Thumbnails support for TscShellListView control (see ThumbnailOptions property)
  • added: a lot of improvements in the TscShellListView control
  • added: OnItemDrawImage event to the TscListView control
  • fixed: some bugs in shell controls

Version  1.37

  • added: new scbsColorButton style kind for TscButton
  • added: TscButton.ColorOptions property to adjust colors for body, frame and text for all states
  • improved: updown control behaviour in TscPageControl
  • fixed: some bugs in TscAdvancedListBox and TscLinkBar controls

Version  1.35

  • added: TscMonthCalendar, TscDateEdit controls
  • added: TscTimeEdit control
  • added: TscSpinEdit control
  • added: RepeatClick and RepeatClickInterval properties for buttons in edits
  • added: ButtonColor and ButtonGlyphColor properties for TscTreeView control
  • added: some fixes and optimizations in code
  • renamed: scReg.pas to scPReg.pas and scUtils.pas to scDrawUtils.pas (prevent conflicts with other third-party components)

Version  1.30

  • added: TscScrollBox control - scrollbox with wallpaper and smooth scrolling
  • added: TscFrameBar controls - control with dynamic frames and buttons to hide and show frames

Version  1.25

  • added: SelectionColor and SelectionTextColor properties to all controls with selection - now you can set your custom selection color
  • added: support of truncated text for long item's captions  in TscGridView, TscGridViewComboBox, TscHorzListBox, TscGallery controls
  • added: BalloonHint property for TscGridView, TscGridViewComboBox, TscHorzListBox, TscGallery control - automatically show hint to see full caption of  truncated items
  • added: performance optimizations for shell controls - now they draw and scroll much more faster
  • added: a lot of improvements in text drawing methods
  • improved: behaviour and drawing of TscListView control
  • fixed: redrawing of TscListBox control on resize 

Version  1.20

  • added:  scDevExStyleAdapter unit  to support VCL Styles in DevExpress controls (QuantumGrid, Scheduler and more (v. 12, 13, 14 are supported))
  • added: new demo with DevExpress QuantumGrid
  • fixed: not all items select in TscGridViewComboBox control with mouse wheel and up, down keys

Version  1.16

  • added: support for Rad Studio XE2
  • added: some improvements of controls drawing

Version  1.15

  • added: TscGalleryMenu component (popup menu with images in groups)
  • added: TscButton.GalleryMenu propery
  • added: TscColorButton control (button to select color)
  • added: ProgressBar property for items in TscAdvancedListBox control
  • added: support for Rad Studio XE7

Version  1.10

  • added: TscButtonsBar control (panel with buttons in sections)
  • added: TscAdvancedComboEdit control
  • added: Button and Detail property for items in TscAdvancedListBox control
  • added: new properties for adjusting TscAdvancedListBox control
  • added: TscFontListBox, TscFontComboBox controls
  • added: TscCalcEdit control - numeric edit with drop-down calculator
  • added: new StyleKind values for TscButton and TscPanel controls
  • added: TscNumericEdit.DisplayType property
  • added: AddMRUItem method to the TscListBox, TscComboBox controls
  • added: optimizations and fixes in code
  • updated: demos and help

Version  1.05

  • added: TscColorListBox, TscColorBox controls
  • added: a lot of new  features for TscPageControl, such as close buttons, glow effect for tabs, wallpaper for tabs, offset for tabs, tabs in center feature and many more
  • added: new demo for TscPageControl