Version  1.21

  • added: support of RAD Studio 10.3 Rio

Version  1.20

  • added: big changes in rendering engine (now you can use timers or threads in animations (see UseThread directive in IkAnimation.pas))

Version  1.19

  • added: support of RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo

Version 1.18

  • added: new types of 3D animation in TIKPageView control (ikpv3DYRotation270, ikpv3DXRotation270,
        ikpv3DYXRotation270, ikpv3DXYRotation270)
  • updated: PageView demo
  • added: new demo with  TscGPVertTabControl (from StyleControls) +  TIKPageView control

Version 1.17

  • improved: TIKImageView control
  • fixed: memory leak after multiple assigns of TIKImageView.Picture

Version 1.16

  • improved: rendering engine

Version 1.15

  • added: Handling images bigger than 8K in TIKImageView control

Version 1.14

  • added: 2 new types of 3D transition effects for pages in TIKPageView control (see PageView demo)

Version 1.12

  • fixed: some problems with TIKPageView control under Berlin with "High-DPI" option (3D transitions in High-DPI systems)

Version 1.11

  • improved: VCL Styles are fully supported now in 3D transition engine (TIKPageView control)

Version 1.10

  • added: TIKPageView control with 3D transition effects for pages
  • added: a lot of optimizations, refactoring changes in code
  • added: new PageView demos

Version 1.01

  • improved: TIKPropertyAnimation class (smooth property animation)
  • added: demos for TIKPropertyAnimation class (Form animation demo + demo with StyleControls VCL)