Version  14.10

  • added: support of RAD Studio 10.3 Rio

Version  14.02

  • added: support of RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo

Version  14.01

  • improved:  TspDynamicSkinForm component (extended caption drawing)
  • improved: listbox controls
  • improved: support of transition engines from SmartEffects and ImageKit
  • added: demo with ImageKit (3D effects)

Version  14.0

  • added:  64-bit support
  • added:  a lot of optimizations in code

Version  13.51

  • added:  Position, GroupIndex, AllowAllUp, Down properties for buttons in NC area of the form (TspDynamicSkinForm.QuickButtons property)
  • improved: TscExPanel control
  • updated: Extended caption demo

Version  13.50

  • added:  Windows10, Win10Modern, Win10ModernDark skins (with extended elements)
  • improved: form behavior (TspDynamicSKinForm component)
  • added: quick access panel in shell dialogs + improved shell dialogs and controls
  • added: small improvements and fixes in some controls
  • updated: demos

Version  13.35

  • added: support for RAD Studio 10 Seattle
  • added: TspSkinData.ChangeSystemColors and TspSkinData.SystemColorHooks property (now you can change system highlight (selection) and window colors to colors from skin)
  • improved: skins ([SKINCOLORS] section values)

Version  13.30

  • updated: code for scrolling in TspSkinScrollPanel, TspSkinToolBar
  • fixed: problem in TspCheckComboBox control with dynamiclly added items
  • improved: TspSkinHint component
  • fixed: '&' drawing as '_' in form's caption
  • improved: TspSkinScrollBox control

Version  13.22

  • improved: TspCheckComboBox control
  • fixed: image viewer behaviour in TspSkinOpenPictureDialog 

Version  13.21

  • added: support for RAD Studio XE8

Version  13.20

  • improved: layered borders skin format and behaviour
  • updated: code for TspSkinCheckListBox control
  • improved: TspSkinEdit control drawing with left and right buttons in designing time
  • updated: extended skins

Version  13.10

  • added: important changes and improvements for mouse tracking in controls
  • added: optimizations in code
  • updated: demos

Version  13.07

  • added: optimizations in edit controls
  • added: TspDynamicSkinForm.GetNormalBoundsRect method
  • improved:  behaviour of menus on multi-monitor systems
  • improved: TspDynamicSkinForm component

Version  13.05

  • improved: TspSkinMainMenuBar control (behaviour with scrolling items)
  • improved: items drawing in listview controls
  • improved: shell dialogs

Version  13.02

  • fixed:  problem with loading TspSkinFileListView control when ThumbnailOptions.Enabled
  • improved: TspSkinOpenPictureDialog

Version  13.01

  • improved: Thumbnails support in TspSkinFilelListView control (optimized threads and memory usage)
  • fixed: problem with  RollUp state and new TspDynamicSkinForm.MinClientHeight property

Version  13.0

  • added: a lot of changes in shell conrols and shell dialogs
  • added: Thumbnail support for TspSkinFilelListView (available for Win XP and newer)
  • added: Thumbnail support for all shell dialogs
  • added: a lot of improvements in controls

Version  12.99

  • added: support for RAD Studio XE7 (32-bit)
  • added: improvements for TspSkinOfficeListBox, TspSkinOfficeComboBox, TspSkinHorzListBox, TspSkinGridView controls
  • improved: edit controls
  • added: improvements and optimizations in drawing methods

Version  12.98

  • added: improvements in SkinPrinter.pas unit
  • added: TspSkinCheckComboBox.UseSkinSize property
  • fixed: TspSkinPasswordEdit behavour when SkinData = nil
  • added: some optimizations in code
  • renamed packages

Version  12.96

  • improved: drawing of TspSkinComboBox control in disabled state
  • improved: TspSkinTreeView control

Version  12.95  

  • added: support for RAD Studio XE6
  • added: TspSkinListView.AlternateRow property (enable alternate background for row(DrawSkin property must be True))
  • added: TspSkinOfficeListBox.AlternateRow, TspSkinOfficeComboBox.AlternateRow property
  • added: Caption property for TspDynamicSkinForm.QuickButtons 
  • improved: drawing of extended form caption (extended skins)
  • improved: scrollbars - now they can works as in Mac OS (you can define small size without buttons in skin (see updated iTunes demo))
  • improved: some extended skins
  • updated: demos

Version  12.80 

  • improved: Windows 8 support
  • improved: TspDynamicSkinForm component
  • fixed: problem with mouse wheel messages in Rad Studio XE2-XE4

Version  12.76

  • added: TspSkinMDITabsBar.ShowChildIcon propery (now tabs can have icon of mdi child)
  • added: TspSkinFindDialog.CloseDialog method
  • added: TspSkinReplaceDialog.CloseDialog method
  • added: some optimizations in code
  • improved: some skins

Version  12.70 

  • added: a lot of improvements to controls
  • updated: drawing of default style
  • updated: SkinBuilder tool

Version  12.62

  • added: support of TspButtonGroup.SkinDataName property (now it can be different)
  • improved: transparent inplace editors in grids

Version  12.61

  • added: improvements in TspSkinNumericEdit, TspSkinDBNumericEdit and TspSkinSpinEdit, TspSkinDBSpinEdit controls
  • added: some optmizations in source code

Version  12.60

  • added new TspSkinMessage.MessageDlg...  methods with default button value
  • added special code for integraion with SmartEffects VCL (see new demos in SmartEffects VCL)
  • improved some controls

Version  12.56 

  • improved: shell controls and dialogs

Version  12.55 

  • added: default font in components and skins is "Tahoma" now (old was "Arial")
  • added: improvements in drawing of controls
  • updated: all skins from all collections
  • updated: SkinBuilder
  • updated: all demos

Version  12.52

  • added: Touch property to controls (for Rad Studio 2010-XE4)
  • added: support for unicode hints (for use with Tnt unicode controls)

Version  12.35

  • added: TspSkinRichEdit.Transparent, TspSkinRichEdit.WallPaper properties
  • added: TspSkinPanel.EmptyDrawing propertry
  • added: captions for items in the TspSkinToolBarEx control
  • added: TspSkinToolBarEx.ShowCaptions property
  • improved: TpsSkinCategoryButtons, TspSkinButtonGroup controls
  • updated: help

Version  12.30 

  • updated and improved: all edits, memos controls, grid's inplace editors (better drawing methods and behaviour on bitmap background)
  • added: TspSkinMemo.Transparent property
  • updated and improved: all grid controls in transparency mode and with wallpaper (better drawing methods and behaviour on bitmap background)
  • improved: form drawing for non-standard applications (as iTunes, Winamp and more (TspDynamicSkinForm.SupportNCArea=False))
  • updated: SkinBuilder
  • updated: demos
  • improved: skins

Version  12.20

  • improved: behaviour of cursor when layered borders are resizing
  • improved: refresh form when layered borders are resizing
  • improved: chinese support for TbsSkinMonthCalendar control
  • added: a lot of improvements and optimization to controls
  • updated: SkinBuilder
  • added: TspSkinMainMenuBar.ToolBarMode, TspSkinMainMenuBar.ToolBarModeItemTransprent  properties (now control can paint as toolbar)
  • improved: drawing of controls with big fonts (you must change UseSkinSize, UseSkinFont and DefaultFont  properties of controls) 
  • added: TspSkinMainMenuBar.UseSkinSize property
    (now control can have any size with any big font
    (set TspSkinMainMenuBar.UseSkinSize to False, set TspSkinMainMenuBar.UseSkinFont to Fase, set TspSkinMainMenuBar.DefaultFont, TspSkinMainMenuBar.DefaultHeight property))
  • added: TspDynamicSkinForm.UseSkinSizeInMenu  (now menu items can have any size with any big font (set TspDynamicSkinForm.UseSkinSizeInMenu to False, set TspDynamicSkinForm.UseSkinFontInMenu to Fase, set TspDynamicSkinForm.DefaultMenuItemFont, set TspDynamicSkinForm.DefaultMenuItemHeight property))
  • updated and improved: skin-core for menus 
  • added: new cool HQ skins: Ubuntu, Ubuntu_Ext, Ubuntu_Aero
  • updated: SkinBuilder

Version  12.10 

  • added: TspSkinGridView control
  • added: improvements to TspDynamicSkinForm component
  • updated: help  
  • added: Anchors properties for skin-areas (TspDynamicSkinForm.SupportNCArea = False) - now work with areas is simple and more intuitive
  • updated: demos and skins with skin-areas (Areas, ITunes10)
  • improved: adjustment of the form size when skin change (TspDynamicSkinForm..ClientWidth <> 0 and TspDynamicSkinForm..ClientHeight <> 0)
  • added: a lot of optimizations in source code
  • updated: SkinBuilder

Version  12.05

  • added: TspDynamicSkinForm.Move and TspDynamicSkinForm.SetBounds method
    (these methods automatically set form position with layered border and without it)
  • improved: TspSkinHorzListBox control
  • improved: behaviour of MDI forms
  • added: TspMDITabsBar.DblClickChildMove property (if True then if you dblclick on the tab then child move to (0, 0) position - easy way to work faster with multiple childs)
  • added: support for TspSkinCalendar.TransparentMode = True
  • improved: drawing of TspMDITabsBar
  • improved: scroll of TspSkinScrollPanel, TspSkinToolBar  (when CanScroll = True)
  • fixed: border of mdi child  blink  sometimes if it receive WM_NCACTIVATE message in Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • updated: MDI demo

Version  12.0 (2 February, 2012)

  • improved and updated: skin format of layered borders
  • improved and updated: format of skin-objects
  • improved: behaviour of layered borders (when border move and resize with form)
  • improved: skin format for dialog window (added special close button for form's caption in skins)
  • added: new drawing methods for skin-objects in layered borders
  • added: expand images for TreeView in skins
  • added: PopupMenu support for TspDynamicSkinForm.QuickButtons
  • added: checkboxes for TspSkinOfficeListBox control
  • added: BeginUpdateItems and EndUpdateItems methods for TspSkinOfficeListBox, TspSkinOfficeComboBox
  • added: TspSkinListView.OnDrawSkinSubItem event (event for drawing subitems when TspSkinListView.DrawSkin=True)
  • added: a lot of small improvements, drawing optimizations in many controls
  • updated: all skins (last version of skins work correctly only with latest version of DynamicSkinForm)
  • updated: demos
  • updated: SkinBuilder
  • updated: help