Version  12.10

  • added: support of RAD Studio 10.3 Rio

Version  12.02

  • added: support of RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo

Version  12.01

  • improved:  TbsBusinessSkinForm component
  • improved: listbox controls
  • improved: support of transition engines from SmartEffects and ImageKit
  • added: demo with ImageKit (3D effects)

Version  12.0

  • added:  64-bit support
  • added:  a lot of optimizations in code

Version  11.51

  • added:  Position, GroupIndex, AllowAllUp, Down properties for quick buttons in NC area of the form (TbsBusinessSkinForm.QuickButtons property)
  • improved: TbsExPanel control

Version  11.50

  • improved: skin format and  Ribbon UI controls for better support of Office 2016 UI
  • updated: all ribbon skins + Office2016 skins are updated in most part
  • added:  Windows10, Win10Modern, Win10ModernDark skins (with Ribbon UI elements)
  • improved: form behavior (TbsBusinessSKinForm component)
  • added: quick access panel in shell dialogs + improved shell dialogs and controls
  • added: small improvements and fixes in some controls
  • updated: demos

Version  11.15

  • added: support for RAD Studio 10 Seattle
  • added: TbsSkinData.ChangeSystemColors and TbsSkinData.SystemColorHooks property (now you can change system highlight (selection) and window colors to colors from skin)
  • improved: skins ([SKINCOLORS] section values)

Version  11.10

  • updated: code for scrolling in TbsSkinScrollPanel, TbsSkinToolBar, TbsRibbonPage, TbsAppMenuPage controls
  • fixed: problem in TbsCheckComboBox control with dynamiclly added items
  • improved: TbsSkinHint component
  • fixed: '&' drawing as '_' in form's caption
  • improved: TbsSkinScrollBox control

Version  11.07

  • improved: TbsAppMenu control
  • improved: TbsCheckComboBox control
  • fixed: image viewer behaviour in TbsSkinOpenPictureDialog   

Version  11.06

  • added: support for RAD Studio XE8

Version  11.05 

  • updated: code for TbsSkinCheckListBox control
  • improved: TbsSkinEdit control drawing with left and right buttons in designing time
  • fixed: copy / cut / paste TbsRibbon control in designing time
  • added: optimizations in code for TbsRibbon and TbsRibbonPage controls

Version  11.0 

  • added: new Office 2016 style for Ribbon UI controls (new skins,  changes in skin format and behaviour)
  • added: new Office 2016 skins (blue, green, orange, purple)
  • updated: SkinBuilder tool (new Office 2016 style + improvements)
  • improved: layered borders skin format and behaviour
  • improved: Ribbon UI controls
  • updated: skins
  • updated: demos
  • updated: help

Version  10.80

  • added: important changes and improvements for mouse tracking in controls
  • added: optimizations in code
  • updated: demos

Version  10.77

  • added: optimizations in edit controls
  • added: TbsBusinessSkinForm.GetNormalBoundsRect method
  • improved:  behaviour of menus on multi-monitor systems

Version  10.75

  • added: ShowThumbnails property for all shell dialogs
  • added: MinClientWidth, MinClientHeight, MaxClientWidth, MaxClientHeight properties for TbsBusinessSkinForm component (min and max values for client part of the form)
  • improved: TbsSkinMainMenuBar control (behaviour with scrolling items)
  • improved: items drawing in listview controls

Version  10.72

  • fixed:  problem with loading TbsSkinFileListView control when ThumbnailOptions.Enabled
  • improved: TbsSkinOpenPictureDialog

Version  10.71

  • improved: Thumbnails support in TbsSkinFilelListView control (optimized threads and memory usage)

Version  10.70

  • added: a lot of changes in shell conrols and shell dialogs
  • added: Thumbnail support for TbsSkinFilelListView (available for Win XP and newer)
  • added: Thumbnail support for all shell dialogs
  • added: a lot of improvements in controls

Version  10.50

  • added: support for RAD Studio XE7 (32-bit)
  • added: improvements for TbsSkinOfficeListBox, TbsSkinOfficeComboBox, TbsSkinHorzListBox, TbsSkinGridView, TbsSkinGallery controls
  • improved: edit controls
  • added: improvements and optimizations in drawing methods

Version  10.42

  • added: improvements in bsSkinPrinter.pas unit
  • added: TbsSkinCheckComboBox.UseSkinSize property
  • fixed: TbsSkinPasswordEdit behavour when SkinData = nil
  • added: some optimizations in code
  • renamed packages

Version  10.40

  • improved: drawing of TbsSkinComboBox control in disabled state
  • improved: TbsSkinTreeView control

Version  10.35

  • added: support for RAD Studio XE6
  • improved: Ribbon UI Application Menu behaviour
  • improved: scrollbars - now they can works as in Mac OS (you can define small size without buttons in skin)
  • added: some optimizations in code
  • updated: demos
  • updated: SkinBuilder

Version  10.31  

  • added: TbsSkinListView.AlternateRow property (enable alternate background for row(DrawSkin property must be True))
  • added: TbsSkinOfficeListBox.AlternateRow, TbsSkinOfficeComboBox.AlternateRow property
  • added: improvements in TbsBusinessSkinForm component and TbsRibbon control

Version  10.30 

  • added: Caption property for TbsBusinessSKinForm.QuickButtons (buttons in form's caption)
  • added: Caption property for TbsRibbon.Buttons (buttons in the right area of ribbon control)
  • updated and improved drawing of TbsBusinessSKinForm.QuickButtons 
  • updated and improved drawing of TbsRibbon.Buttons 
  • improved drawing of TbsRibbon control
  • updated and improved some ribbon skins
  • updated demos for ribbon UI controls
  • added: some improvements and optimizations in source code
  • updated SkinBuilder tool

Version  10.10 

  • improved: Windows 8 support
  • improved: ribbon controls
  • fixed: problem with mouse wheel messages in Rad Studio XE2-XE4

Version  10.06 

  • added: TbsSkinMDITabsBar.ShowChildIcon propery (now tabs can have icon of mdi child)
  • added: TbsSkinFindDialog.CloseDialog method
  • added: TbsSkinReplaceDialog.CloseDialog method
  • added: some optimizations in code
  • improved: some skins

Version  10.0 

  • added: new Office 2013 style for Ribbon UI controls (new skins,  new drawing and new behaviour)
  • added: new default style (drawing) for controls
  • added: a lot of improvements in controls
  • added: new Office 2013 skins (blue, green, orange, purple)
  • updated: SkinBuilder tool (new Office 2013 style + improvements)
  • updated: skins
  • updated: help